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Married to Sideswipe/Seamus Robertson

Mother to twin Dragon Elf sons:

Silas Robertson
Daniel Robertson

Also has an adopted daughter, Lilac
Husband=Powerglide/Paval Kosier
son=Misha (schattenfeen baby with golden highlights in his eyes and hair)
daughter= Olive Kosier (same place as Maeve came from)
-Judge who handled the Stark Case
-Two daughters who are in the Creche
- two black and white pinto male gerbils
-being courted by Gavin, she doesn't know yet
-got the gerbils and got his attention when they scooted off the table and down her sweater
-also Carter's cousin
-has a home at the Ark base and an apartment at the Sea Base
-Seaspray's walrus likes her

-Studies in the Creche
-Into Lolita

-Likes the water of the Sea Base
-Has a pet puffin
-Nicknamed Puffin
One of the Mrrpt-Nyaah living on Earth. Second generation Earth-born, but unlike most of the other Earth-born Mrrpt-Nyaah, she was born in Mrrpt-Nyaah form. She is one of the few Mrrpt-Nyaah with fur, as her family originally hailed from the southern continent of the Mrrpt-Nyaah homeworld, where fur was essential to survival, as the weather there was often cold and snowy. Her markings are similar to a dark brown tabby Norwegian Forest Cat's, including having a white 'bib' and chest.

Married to Collen James
Married to Anjeanette Grant-James

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More character info and PB to come soon.
One of Rachel's kids, started life in a Ko-Dan meat pen. Has fine brown hair and hazel eyes. Can be a 'tudy little thing. When she was five years old she looked as tall as an average well grown ten year old. Very big boned and muscular.
Catherine Wyatt is a student at Virginia Tech. She lives on a farm, and maintains it in between school, working at the QuickMart, and working on what she thinks is a Gundam. She's lived on the farm for the majority of her life, and up until a few years ago, her Grandpa lived there too. She has no other family in the area because her parents and baby sister were killed on their way to the hospital the day her sister was due. Their SUV hit a Greenpeacer who was trying to protect gophers by laying down in the roadway, and due to serious bad luck, the SUV rolled several times before exploding. Cat doesn't like Greenpeace, and she likes gophers even less.

There's something a bit "off" about her as of late...

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PB will go here if he ever picks a human alt mode...

Octane is a former Decepticon who was sold to slavers in exchange for energon by Megatron. There is no love lost, and Octane got even in his own way.

He was bought by Fer Lone, a man of a bipedal, four limbed, humanoid, insectoid race that in appearance is not dissimilar to some styles of Cybertronians. Fer Lone, whose name means 'lone brother' bought the Cybertronian because he had been born alone; the only male child of his family. In a culture where one's brothers are considered part of one's identity and self this was unacceptable, so Octane was immediately adopted as his brother. He brought Octane home and settled him down where his daughters could see the mech. One immediately indicated that she liked Octane, and so Octane got his first wife, and called her Sweetheart. A few days later Fere Lone brought his new brother visiting at the homes of all his friends, and Octane, not knowing that this was a wedding trip, reacted to the songs of two daughters of two of those friends. When he got home it was to discover those girls waiting for him. He named them Golda and Ruby.

Later, on his way to the core of Cybertron, Optimus Prime stopped at the planet, and Octane gave him information on Megatron.

---------------------Octane's family---------------------

*Sweetheart: Teal with big blue eyes. Round, pretty, chatty, caring, and friendly. Wears some jewels and pretties glued to her shell. She's Fer Lone's daughter.
*Golda: Golden with iridescent eyes. Small, slender, shy, and quiet
*Ruby: Red with purple eyes and graceful golden wings like a cape down her back. Tall, strong, assertive, and decisive. Will put on her veil and sit by Octane as he gives audiences. Has also been known to wear leather pants and top.
*Fatima: Octane's human wife. Wears a tatted mask to hide her face, and is just learning that women are people too.
*Fer Lone: Octane's adopted brother.
*Jewel: Fer Lone's fertile wife.
*Sparkle: Fer Lone's winged wife. Dark teal with silver trim and wings.
*Fer Lone's other wives.
PB = Adrian Grenier

Married to Bluestreak/Lisa Bennington-Garcia


blond Ko Dan pet


Feb. 25th, 2012 08:09 pm
PB = Airi Suzuki

Character info will go here
PB = Alex O'Laughlin

Character info will go here
PB = Alexa Melo

Character info will go here


Feb. 25th, 2012 08:07 pm
PB = Alexis Denisof

Character info will go here


Feb. 25th, 2012 07:57 pm
PB = Ali Larter

Character info will go here
PB = Allu Arjun

Character info will go here
PB = America Ferrera

Character info will go here
PB = Anna Maria Mühe

Married to Hot Rod/Rodney Garcia.


blond Ko Dan pet
PB = Anne Hathaway

Character info will go here

Anne Smith

Feb. 25th, 2012 07:41 pm
PB = Sophia Myles (with photomanipulation by [personal profile] ssjmihoshi

Snuggle buddy: Vato Falman.

Daughter: Clarity

cats: Pitter the orange point Siamese cross and Patter the orange Exotic Shorthair mutt. Pitter likes to sleep all by himself on the bar stool in the corner.
PB = Annie Wersching

Husband: Wheeljack/Jack Ruteger

Young Children:

Maeve (See her entry)

PB = Anthony Rapp

Wife: Kia/Kia Percia
PB = Apolo Ohno

Character info will go here
PB = Audrey Tatou

Husband: Springer/Stan Pitt

Daughter: Maria Pitt


Feb. 25th, 2012 07:33 pm
PB = Stephen Lang

wife=Comet aka Hotaru
Boton (sweet calm child from the meat pens)


Usagi Otoora
Granny Otoora
PB = Adam Levine

Character info will go here


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