PB = Rutger Hauer

Wheeljack is the Autobot "Mad Scientist"/Chief of Engineering. Most of the time, his inventions don't blow up on him, but there's the occasional one that does. When that happens, it's usually very spectacular, if not outright dangerous for anyone in the area, including Wheeljack himself.

Wheeljack is also known by his alias, Professor Jack Ruteger, who teaches history at Virginia Tech. As one of the older Autobots, Wheeljack has seen more than his share of battles and peace times. Seeing the similarities between Cybertronians and humans was what initially got him interested in the history of the predominate sentient race on Earth, and lead to his current position.

Wheeljack was sparked with a glitch in his spark that caused the medics at the time of his creation to speculate that he would not live longer than a vorn or so, if he was lucky. Several times over the course of the past nine million years, he has come closer than he's liked to going offline as a result of the defect, and around a year and a half ago, he suffered a processor stroke. Thanks to the skillful care of Ratchet, and a lot of rest, recuperation, and physical therapy, Wheeljack's back on his feet and going strong.

He's Grandpa to Fay and Joan, and dad to the Dinobots, Maeve, Judah, Destiny, Sora, and Ambulon.

He has a Glimmersprite named Runt, and a Segway drone named Dinkleberg


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