Microbots Dossier ([personal profile] microbots_dossier) wrote2012-02-25 06:16 pm

Slingshot/Scarlett Oberson

PB = Karlie Kloss

Husband= Shadowmaru

Scarlett's game:
-'Dollies': "Dear Little Dollies. Playing with dolls is fun!" "Knock 'em Dead. With looks and weapons." collect clickit dolls, and you have a tall, scowly, dressable avatar with flowing hair. Also have large, very girlishly decorated weapons. Text based adventure game. Can adopt five dolls a month for free. If RL money is paid can adopt ten. RL money also buys garments with fancier shades of the regular colours.

Scarlet's book:
manga style or Western style?
(4:18:42 PM) Den: manga
(4:19:21 PM) Tam: *nod* And not full colour either. But not black and white. It's drawn in pale purple and white.
(4:19:27 PM) Tam: or would she rather have another colour?
(4:19:48 PM) Den: naw
(4:20:39 PM) Tam: And yeah. Just as sketchy of clothes as in her video games
(4:20:45 PM) Den: lol
(4:20:49 PM) Tam: just as many vicious monsters as her shooting games
(4:20:59 PM) Den: lol
(4:21:25 PM) Tam: ...basically a girl in her underclothes with a strapping big ninja SO, blowing the bleep out of things with a big gun?
(4:21:31 PM) Den: lol yup
(4:21:34 PM) Tam: LOL
(4:22:04 PM) Tam: "What is she wearing, Scarlett?"

"What do you mean?"


"...'Maru, you boob, those are her boobs."
(4:22:14 PM) Tam: o.0 Oh.
(4:22:41 PM) Tam: and the ninja is of the wolf clan
(4:22:48 PM) Den: LOL
(4:23:10 PM) Tam: basically, it's Scarlett's vision of herself and her husband, doing fun things