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Denver Trach

PB = Natalie Imbruglia

Married to Tracks/Jonathan Trach


WakeJumper/William Trach
Beau (Denver's younger brother)
Ginny (one of the first batch of Ko Dan kids)
WakeJumper's siblings from Ansuz

Tracks and Denver's cars:

-1971 Plymouth Barracuda (Purple) [Tracks swapped a green Delorian for this]
-1973 Shelby Cobra (Blue) [Denver bought this for Tracks after he gave up his vehicle mode and wings to take on a human alt mode]
-1974 Plymouth Barracuda (Green) [Denver rebuilt this from the ground up, sold it after high school, and was gifted it back by Raoul]
-1976 Mercedes-Benz E Class 230 Sedan (black) [Family car]
-1979 Corvette Stingray (Blue) [Denver bought this and was working on restoring it before an incident with her father.]
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Dixie and Matt have Greyson, Bluette, and Nebulung, three of the Quadriate babies who decided to follow them home.