Microbots Dossier ([personal profile] microbots_dossier) wrote2012-02-25 12:02 am

WakeJumper/William Trach

PB = Remy Thorne

"If you get in an argument with a bot from Quadriate, let him win. Because if you don't he'll change into something big and stomp you, or his brothers and sisters will come and do it."

WakeJumper (full designation: Quadriate Tertian Hydrolinear Ascendant) is originally from the Quadriate Colony, which was Neutral territory in orbit around one of Cybertron's neighboring planets. After the colony was depopulated during an attack by Decepticons, WakeJumper was rescued by the Aquabot team, and eventually made his way to Earth.

Like a majority of Quadriate-born Cybertronians, WakeJumper has combiner tendencies. He is also a Class Four Multichanger. He has chosen a helicopter as his secondary alt mode.