PB = Aamir Khan

Wreck-Gar is the Junkion King. He, Pipes, Blurr, and Wheelie were on board the Axalon when it started to break apart. In alt mode, he goes by the alias Wyatt Gray. Like all Junkions, he is very difficult to keep down in battle, due to the fact that his limbs and appendages can detach from the main body. One of his hands is quite frequently detaching and making a nuisance of itself, which amuses the mech to no end. On his left hand, he has the pinky finger from his bondmate, as a love token.

The Junkions, Wreck-Gar included, talk TV, and it was because of their fascination with television that Cybertron first learned about Earth.

Married to Buttercup.

-Junior (Baby Junkion. Just like his dad, also follows Destiny around and talks TV with her)


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