PB = Channing Tatum

Married to Teletraan-1/Tea Grant

Son: Mung Bean
PB = Christian Bale

Married to Wander/Wanda Marler

Rose Havoc

Feb. 25th, 2012 07:16 pm
PB = Clea DuVall

husband= Jean Havoc
kids= Bitsy (tiny Soundwave sprog) and Dawnflash (premie Seeker baby boy related to Silverbolt)
pet= Valentina (Frisian mare with a heart brand)
PB = Cory Knauf

Married to Starpounder.

Father to twin Dragon Elf sons:

Silas Robertson
Daniel Robertson

Also has an adopted daughter, Lilac
PB = Crystal Liu

Character info will go here
PB = Crystal Liu

Married to Mirage/Raj Mahi

Mom to Joan, Deckerd, Dumpson, Power Joe, McCrane, Duke, Gunmax, Drill Boy, and Faye
PB = Daniela Dimitrovska

husband= Sunstreaker/Samuel Robertson

Eight kids:
Sundog/Sean Robertson
Firebreak Robertson
Ember Robertson
Hotspot Robertson
Chris Robertson
Willa Robertson
Daniela Robertson
Stormtag Robertson

-Firebreak, Ember, and Hotspot are triplets. Ember and Hotspot are identical twins.
-Chris started life in a ko-dan meat pen. He's quiet, independent, laid back, and given to camping out in dark closets or going on long exploring trips with his cousins Buzzer and Hopper.
-Willa and Daniela are Locusts. Willa loves to be with Sean, and Daniela is proud to be included in her mom's activities.
-Stormtag is an orphan baby flyer from the ruins of Ansuz, who had been intended for the storm watching force. He never lets go of his daddy, if he can help it.
PB = David Wenham

wife= Rainbird/Rain
son= Phoenix -bouncy, happy, energetic Seeklet, perfect mix of his mama and daddy
daughter= Kenny (adopted. From Maeve's group)-dark haired, calm, quiet, sweet, very confident and independent, hates being fussed over, doesn't talk
PB = Drew Barrymore

Character info will go here
PB = Edison Chen

Character info will go here
PB = Emmy Lee Moss

Nichole Lee is a Private First Class in the Army, and joined the same day as Corporal Lamont A. Morris, serving in the same unit until she was transferred to Ark Base.

The day she arrived on base, she was adopted by one of the Ko-Dan "pets", a young girl who received the name "Gertrude".
PB = Eric Saade

Punky is his cat now.

Jean Havoc

Feb. 25th, 2012 06:53 pm
PB = Garret Hedlund

wife= Rose Havoc
kids= Bitsy (tiny Soundwave sprog) and Dawnflash (premie Seeker baby boy related to Silverbolt)
PB = Gary Dourdan

Married to Ironfist/Irene Del Sol
PB = Gina Torres

Married to Jazz/Javan Del Sol
PB = January Jones

Married to lbStarscream.

PB = Jade Liu

Married to Prowl/Pietro Morimoto

Adopted children:
Wasp (locust)
Taiyou (child like Kenny and Kurt)
PB = Joseph Gordon Levitt

Sean's Games:
-'Happy Forest': Text-based RPG where the player's animal character hugs forest critters and gets muffins. classes=cuddle puppy, happy bunny, pretty pony, soft kitty.

-'Lords of Haltair': Animated MMORPG that's very popular. Levels are bought with RL money, Rank is XP-based. Empire building game. There is no PvP except in the arena, by mutual consent.

-'SunFun Island': Animated MMORPG for kids where each child gets their own island, no bullying allowed, also educational

-'Girly Game': iPhone app virtual world, complete with a wide variety of 'jobs' for the players. mixture of text, chibi graphics, and simple animations.

-'Clan Hunter': Realistic hand-drawn flash animated graphics. Teaches responsibility and goal setting as one cares for a huge alien beast and provides for one's village. 'Level' = number of times one's pet has shed. Some multiplayer interaction, or can be played offline. Bought online and arrives in a snailmailed package.

-'Executive Game': iPhone virtual world. mixture of text, chibi graphics, and simple animations.

-'Fluffybutts': Adoptable cat game with hand drawn pets. Customs available. Sean sold the rights to the cat artist and some of the other soldiers on base, but is still affiliated with the game.

-'Ariels': Single player animated browser based game. adventure game with flying. Characters are slender winged horses. There's some mock pvp. Still in development. There are puzzle challenges. Often 'battle' is a riddle or trivia contest, but there is keyboard controlled battle, too.

-'Black Hole': unmoderated, anarchistic space game similar to 'Eve Online' but with a lot less rules
PB = Judi Dench

husband= Trailbreaker/Trevor

youngest children=
Miranda Fern Lamont (gas born sparklet)
Kirk Lamont (sweet dark-haired little person full of get up and go)


Feb. 25th, 2012 06:37 pm
PB = Julia Ling

Character info will go here
PB = Karen Gillian

husband= Red Alert/ Russell Anderson
daughters= Liadán and Meryl Anderson, Kriti
adopted son= Winston (little dark haired mini human. Eyes are so dark a blue that htey're nearly purple. Cheerful, loving, and patient)
adopted son= ResQ (related to Red, but born in Meg's slave tanks. Just like his dad)
PB = Karlie Kloss

Character info will go here
PB = Karlie Kloss

Character info will go here
PB = Karlie Kloss

Character info will go here

Sabrina's book:
-rambling! )
PB = Karlie Kloss

Husband= Shadowmaru

Scarlett's game:
-'Dollies': "Dear Little Dollies. Playing with dolls is fun!" "Knock 'em Dead. With looks and weapons." collect clickit dolls, and you have a tall, scowly, dressable avatar with flowing hair. Also have large, very girlishly decorated weapons. Text based adventure game. Can adopt five dolls a month for free. If RL money is paid can adopt ten. RL money also buys garments with fancier shades of the regular colours.

Scarlet's book:
-rambling )
PB = Karlie Kloss

Character info will go here
PB = Kellen Lutz

Character info will go here
PB = Kristian Bell

Married to Starscream/Skylar Jones
Son (adopted): Airwolf
Daughter (Adopted): Nancy
PB = Lucas Black

Married to Moonshadow/Melissa Jones

Son (adopted) : Airwolf
Daughter (adopted) : Nancy
PB = Mike Rowe (image found through Google search, and not on Hollow Art. Iconed by [personal profile] dens_extra_pups)

Married to Firestar/Aydan Sinclair


George: Half-Lu male, is to the toddle about stage.
Melinda: Mrrpt-Nyaah female, always seen wearing pink
Elsa: Mrrpt-Nyaah female, always seen wearing blue
Christina: Mrrpt-Nyaah female, always seen wearing green


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