Microbots Dossier ([personal profile] microbots_dossier) wrote2012-02-25 06:16 pm

Skydive/Sabrina Oberson-Burns

PB = Karlie Kloss

Character info will go here

Sabrina's book:
Tam: Inside the brand new bookshelf of Sabrina's is a book from the Nexus Librarian. Blades got her the book written just for her.
(4:04:43 PM) Den: awww
(4:04:53 PM) Tam: Is it leatherbound and big?
(4:05:17 PM) Den: yup
(4:05:30 PM) Tam: Is it a story? Or is it a picture album?
(4:05:33 PM) Den: both
(4:05:39 PM) Tam: awww
(4:06:05 PM) Tam: So the story just for her isn't fiction? It's the story of her life?
(4:06:21 PM) Den: *nod* and their life together. and stories from his life.
(4:06:28 PM) Tam: awww
(4:06:49 PM) Tam: Think there will be a history of her people to come later?
(4:07:08 PM) Tam: In holobook form instead of the leather?
(4:07:35 PM) Tam: Proly not as anything connected to her book
(4:07:40 PM) Tam: that'd be something she'd go shopping for
(4:08:00 PM) Tam: Her book writes itself as things happen, but she needs to add pictures
(4:08:13 PM) Den: *nodnod*
(4:08:20 PM) Tam: because that's something she'd like doing? The picture adding?
(4:08:38 PM) Den: yup
(4:09:02 PM) Tam: Is the writing in the book modern or old fashioned? English or Cybertronian?
(4:09:26 PM) Den: Cybertronian. modern
(4:09:45 PM) Tam: XD But done in softly shimmering ink
(4:09:58 PM) Den: yup
(4:10:12 PM) Tam: that really brings out the beauty of the glyphs, which use different colours for different meanings and accents anyway
(4:10:23 PM) Den: yup
(4:10:39 PM) Tam: Has it got clasps on it?
(4:10:45 PM) Den: yup
(4:10:48 PM) Tam: any metal binding? Or straps?
(4:11:03 PM) Den: leather and fancy buckle clasps
(4:11:24 PM) Tam: And tooling and a little bit of inlay on the cover
(4:11:28 PM) Den: yup.
(4:11:29 PM) Tam: any gilt on the page edges?
(4:11:55 PM) Den: yup. would pass for a fancy book of Earth make.
(4:12:26 PM) Tam: And her spark was singing with joy the moment she looked at it, and then she opened it and saw what it was
(4:12:40 PM) Den: She powersnogged Blades
(4:12:47 PM) Tam: XD
(4:13:02 PM) Tam: and the Christmas tree transformed with a squeak and hid its eyes

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