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Collen James

Married to Anjeanette Grant-James

(2:45:55 AM) Den1: ... so where is Collen from?
(2:46:09 AM) Tam: cpv
(2:46:32 AM) Den1: ... wanna know what's kinda sync-like and sorta spooky?
(2:46:34 AM) Tam: Elita and Jazz and a few others left Cybertron
(2:46:40 AM) Tam: ??
(2:46:53 AM) Den1: I was thinking that before you mentioned the 'verse.
(2:47:02 AM) Tam: LOL
(2:47:18 AM) Tam: They wound up on a world with human people
(2:47:29 AM) Tam: and they had a Tranformer, so they took that form
(2:47:41 AM) Tam: The people there were Asian type
(2:47:50 AM) Tam: and they lived there, thinking they were the last
(2:47:58 AM) Tam: then war broke out on the world
(2:48:08 AM) Tam: and in the confusion and lack of things Elita got pregnant
(2:48:14 AM) Den1: aww
(2:48:39 AM) Tam: The war was getting worse, and then they heard that the big reactor was blown.
(2:49:14 AM) Tam: They used Wheeljack and Perceptor's portal generator mini prototype and sent their baby away
(2:49:17 AM) Tam: and the world ended
(2:49:23 AM) Den1: aww
(2:49:47 AM) Tam: And he wound up on Earth in another reality
(2:50:01 AM) Den1: he wound up someplace safe, at least.
(2:50:11 AM) Tam: yup. His parents love him
(2:50:19 AM) Tam: His cheerful but serious Japanese father
(2:50:30 AM) Tam: and his quiet Chinese/Korean mother
(2:50:39 AM) Den1: aww
(2:51:04 AM) Tam: They were told that he had a note with him saying his name was CJ
(2:51:10 AM) Tam: So they named him Collen James
(2:51:11 AM) Den1: so his adoptive parents are a lot like his biological ones
(2:51:31 AM) Tam: LOL Jazz never had Japanese male dignity
(2:51:38 AM) Den1: lol but was cheerful
(2:51:44 AM) Tam: yup, till the end
(2:52:08 AM) Tam: watching two worlds die was breaking his spirit
(2:52:13 AM) Den1: aww
(2:52:23 AM) Tam: *nod nod*
(2:54:31 AM) Den1: ...why could I see Collen and Drift getting along well?
(2:54:40 AM) Tam: XD
(2:54:44 AM) Tam: Proly
(2:55:06 AM) Den1: I just have this mental image of them sitting on some ship part, swapping BS for BS
(2:55:18 AM) Den1: and Wing sprawled out on Collen's lap
(2:55:23 AM) Tam: awww XD
(2:55:27 AM) Tam: He's got his own cat
(2:55:43 AM) Tam: big black critter with a bib and a moustache
(2:55:50 AM) Den1: lol
(2:56:05 AM) Tam: Quiet suckup of a cat
(2:56:13 AM) Den1: There's a Jazz in some reality who has a long-haired grey cat named Scatcat
(2:56:19 AM) Tam: *laughs*
(2:56:31 AM) Den1: laid back kitteh lets Daddy put hats on him and take pictures
(2:56:55 AM) Den1: and the most famous pic is one with Scatcat wearing a hat, and with a toy trumpet tucked between his paws.
(2:57:19 AM) Tam: XD I think Collen's cat gets dressed. And is a star of 'Stuff on My Cat'
(2:57:26 AM) Den1: lol
(2:57:45 AM) Tam: and sleeps with a frog dolly with rope arms and legs like the one I saw at the dollar store today that was meant as a dog toy

More character info and PB to come soon.