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Catherine Wyatt/CatScan

Catherine Wyatt is a student at Virginia Tech. She lives on a farm, and maintains it in between school, working at the QuickMart, and working on what she thinks is a Gundam. She's lived on the farm for the majority of her life, and up until a few years ago, her Grandpa lived there too. She has no other family in the area because her parents and baby sister were killed on their way to the hospital the day her sister was due. Their SUV hit a Greenpeacer who was trying to protect gophers by laying down in the roadway, and due to serious bad luck, the SUV rolled several times before exploding. Cat doesn't like Greenpeace, and she likes gophers even less.

There's something a bit "off" about her as of late...

(9/14/2012 12:01:20 AM) Tam: You know. I don't think mvCat had either parent
(12:01:24 AM) Tam: or ever got a little sister
(12:01:57 AM) Den1: huh
(12:02:14 AM) Den1: Might've been raised by grandparents?
(12:02:19 AM) Tam: *nod*
(12:02:28 AM) Den1: which would explain why she gravitated towards Jack.
(12:02:35 AM) Tam: I think she was ten when some demented Greenpeacer lay down on the road in protest
(12:02:44 AM) Tam: and her parents hit him on the way to the hospital
(12:03:05 AM) Den1: ... wow. That... prolly explains why she can't stand people like Sailor Eco.
(12:03:11 AM) Tam: *nod*
(12:03:28 AM) Den1: on the way to the hospital 'cause her sister was wanting out?
(12:03:32 AM) Tam: yup
(12:03:40 AM) Den1: Poor Kitty-cat.
(12:03:40 AM) Tam: The freaking SUV exploded
(12:03:43 AM) Den1: eeee
(12:04:07 AM) Tam: She can't stand gophers, either
(12:04:10 AM) Den1: lol
(12:04:15 AM) Tam: Guess what the idiot was trying to protect
(12:04:19 AM) Den1: good lord.
(12:04:32 AM) Tam: And it turned out to not even be the rare prairie dogs that were there
(12:04:38 AM) Den1: sheeesh
(12:04:48 AM) Den1: ... Was Cat in the SUV at the time?
(12:05:04 AM) Tam: No. At home in bed, feeling like Christmas was twice that year
(12:05:12 AM) Den1: ok
(12:05:31 AM) Tam: Big pile of sammiches in the fridge, and a new kitten in her arms
(12:05:37 AM) Den1: lol
(12:05:48 AM) Tam: Her dad got her the kitty instead of a doll
(12:05:52 AM) Den1: heh
(12:05:58 AM) Tam: Sounds like him?
(12:06:39 AM) Den1: *nod*
(12:07:00 AM) Tam: But no call came telling her about little sister. Instead the police came
(12:07:05 AM) Den1: *nod*
(12:07:22 AM) Tam: And she served them sammiches and coffee
(12:07:26 AM) Den1: *nod nod*
(12:08:10 AM) Tam: And she wouldn't leave the farm, because the horses needed fed and she had tests coming
(12:08:11 AM) Tam: ?
(12:08:14 AM) Den1: *nod*
(12:08:18 AM) Tam: lol
(12:08:29 AM) Den1: I think she started getting homeschooling then...
(12:08:44 AM) Tam: When Grandpa came he found her out in the pasture shooting gophers with her BB gun?
(12:08:48 AM) Den1: yup
(12:08:57 AM) Tam: Think Grandpa was all she had then?
(12:09:01 AM) Den1: *nod*
(12:09:09 AM) Tam: And Grandpa's hound, who loved ehr kitty
(12:09:13 AM) Den1: *nodnod*
(12:09:34 AM) Den1: Baby adored Big Daddy. would curl up on the big mutt and go to sleep
(12:09:42 AM) Tam: LOL Grandpa took her homeschool courses with her, didn't he?
(12:09:46 AM) Den1: *nod*
(12:09:49 AM) Tam: XD
(12:10:11 AM) Tam: He hadn't had too much schooling as a boy?
(12:10:15 AM) Den1: nope
(12:10:23 AM) Den1: was too busy helping keep the farm going.
(12:10:31 AM) Tam: *nod* Died with a diploma?
(12:10:48 AM) Den1: *nod*
(12:10:53 AM) Tam: XD
(12:11:02 AM) Tam: How old was Cat when he went?
(12:11:08 AM) Den1: about to turn 18
(12:11:11 AM) Tam: awww
(12:11:21 AM) Den1: so she had someone there for a really long time.
(12:11:27 AM) Tam: Eight years
(12:11:36 AM) Tam: XD And sometimes two grades finished in one year
(12:11:39 AM) Den1: Yup
(12:11:47 AM) Den1: and she's more than capable of running a farm by herself.
(12:11:49 AM) Tam: She wanted to keep up with Granddad
(12:11:55 AM) Den1: *nod nod*
(12:12:14 AM) Den1: The farm's still in the black. Even when the economy went down the tubes for a while.
(12:12:20 AM) Tam: Once /he/ realized he had permission to sit here and read and learn. He DID
(12:12:29 AM) Tam: That's good?
(12:12:41 AM) Den1: Yeah. means there's no outstanding debts, and the farm's turning a profit.
(12:12:45 AM) Tam: Sweet
(12:12:46 AM) Tam: XD
(12:12:55 AM) Tam: And Cat learned from her grandpa, and she's a learning fool?
(12:12:58 AM) Den1: *nod*
(12:13:08 AM) Tam: works at the Quickie Mart for people
(12:13:18 AM) Tam: Because Granddad told her you always need people
(12:13:21 AM) Den1: *nod*
(12:13:54 AM) Den1: Works hard at everything she does, and accepts that she's going to make mistakes along the way, and that it's alright to ask for help
(12:13:59 AM) Tam: Yup.
(12:14:13 AM) Tam: And people still see her as independent
(12:14:23 AM) Den1: *nod* When they're not looking at her with pity
(12:14:26 AM) Tam: LOL Is Baby still around? Oooold kitty?
(12:14:30 AM) Den1: Ollld kitty is old.
(12:14:49 AM) Den1: and Dad and Granddad to quite a few mouse-hunters.
(12:14:53 AM) Tam: XD
(12:15:04 AM) Tam: He used to steal them when they were tiny and bring htem in the house
(12:15:17 AM) Tam: First he showed them to Big Daddy, till Big Daddy passed on
(12:15:21 AM) Den1: *nod*
(12:15:32 AM) Tam: Big Daddy outlived Grandpa by two years
(12:15:37 AM) Tam: but he looked for him all the time
(12:15:40 AM) Den1: *nod*
(12:15:56 AM) Tam: He'd stand and howl at night
(12:16:07 AM) Tam: When it was time to come home and do home stuff
(12:16:11 AM) Den1: *nod*
(12:16:30 AM) Tam: And then one night Cat saw him seem to hear something, and he wagged his tail and walked away
(12:17:02 AM) Den1: *nod* And the next morning, she found him laying at the foot of Grandpa's grave.
(12:17:06 AM) Tam: Yup
(12:17:14 AM) Tam: With Grandpa's slippers
(12:17:21 AM) Den1: BD used to lay at the foot of Grandpa's bed with the slippers.
(12:17:25 AM) Tam: Yup
(12:17:33 AM) Tam: He's buried there with them
(12:17:39 AM) Den1: yu[
(12:17:42 AM) Den1: yup
(12:17:52 AM) Tam: Write all this on her microbots entry

(12:25:38 AM) Tam: Grandpa loved robots
(12:25:52 AM) Tam: He found 'Lost in Space' on disk. The whole series
(12:25:58 AM) Tam: and he watched it for the robot
(12:26:14 AM) Den1: lol
(12:26:16 AM) Tam: He watched the old 'Buck Rogers' series, for the robots
(12:27:01 AM) Tam: And then Cat found Manga
(12:27:04 AM) Den1: *nod nod*
(12:27:11 AM) Tam: He read 'em and loved 'em
(12:27:31 AM) Den1: He had to have a few translated at times
(12:27:37 AM) Tam: Yup LOL
(12:27:45 AM) Tam: Languages he wasn't as good at as other things
(12:27:58 AM) Tam: Well, other scripts anyway
(12:28:04 AM) Tam: He could read Russian pretty darn good
(12:28:12 AM) Tam: And Ukranian
(12:29:19 AM) Den1: Cat learned Russian and Ukranian from him, and taught him a bit of Japanese before he passed
(12:29:46 AM) Tam: Yup. Japanese written with Western characters he could read just fine
(12:29:55 AM) Den1: Romanji
(12:29:59 AM) Tam: yup
(12:30:08 AM) Tam: And he could read and write Spanish and French, too
(12:30:21 AM) Tam: His spelling got better after school
(12:30:23 AM) Den1: Cat can read hiragana, katakana, and kanji... and she's been learning the Korean written langauge too
(12:30:29 AM) Tam: *nod nod* Yup
(12:30:52 AM) Den1: Cat knows a lot of languages.
(12:31:08 AM) Tam: XD
(12:31:21 AM) Tam: Reading and writing wise more so than speaking?
(12:31:26 AM) Den1: yup
(12:31:32 AM) Tam: Put that on her entry too?
(12:31:43 AM) Den1: though she is getting pretty fluent in Seeker... not that she's realized it yet
(12:31:55 AM) Tam: XD Yes
(12:32:09 AM) Tam: And she's been leaving notes in it a few times without realizing
(12:32:13 AM) Den1: *nod*
(12:32:37 AM) Tam: Does she have a new dog? Or a different kind of pet?
(12:33:05 AM) Den1: I don't think she does...
(12:33:11 AM) Tam: kk
(12:33:30 AM) Tam: Just the cats and horses and maybe some farm poultry?
(12:33:33 AM) Den1: *nod*
(12:33:47 AM) Tam: Rodeo horses
(12:33:55 AM) Tam: Pure bred bucking stock
(12:34:14 AM) Tam: They get rented out?
(12:34:17 AM) Den1: *nod*
(12:34:20 AM) Tam: XD
(12:34:44 AM) Tam: She's got good ones, that don't just hop up and down like most rodeo horses now
(12:34:56 AM) Tam: They jink and twist and scoot and dance
(12:35:02 AM) Tam: and then kiss the cowboy after he falls off
(12:35:17 AM) Den1: They're some of the most difficult horses to stay on, but they're nice and gentle once nobody's on their back.
(12:35:22 AM) Tam: Yup
(12:35:23 AM) Tam: XD
(12:35:34 AM) Den1: Cat thinks that's the funniest thing in the world.
(12:35:39 AM) Tam: And if you put a harness on them they'll work hard all day
(12:35:42 AM) Den1: *nod*
(12:35:50 AM) Tam: Those would be in demand
(12:35:55 AM) Den1: *nod nod*
(12:36:04 AM) Tam: Ahahaha. I know her other pet
(12:36:14 AM) Tam: Bucking bully.
(12:36:16 AM) Den1: XD
(12:36:19 AM) Tam: Legendary bucking bully
(12:36:29 AM) Den1: LOL
(12:36:37 AM) Tam: He gets hired out too
(12:36:39 AM) Den1: yup
(12:37:01 AM) Tam: Bucks like mad, and then looks around and walks to the gate
(12:37:11 AM) Tam: Like these two I saw on TV once at a small rodeo
(12:37:22 AM) Tam: "There's Homer."

"Yup. Old Homer."
(12:37:25 AM) Den1: lol
(12:37:30 AM) Tam: Was how the older one was announced. LOL
(12:37:34 AM) Den1: lol
(12:37:59 AM) Tam: One of them a clown got in his way, and he startled a bit and looked at the clown like he was on drugs
(12:38:26 AM) Tam: Bully's name is Woolly
(12:38:30 AM) Tam: He's a belted Galloway
(12:38:52 AM) Tam: People who don't know him laugh when they see the scruffy, hairy little thing
(12:39:13 AM) Den1: XD
(12:39:32 AM) Tam: He gives good babies
(12:39:35 AM) Den1: what color?
(12:39:43 AM) Tam: Colour?
(12:40:02 AM) Den1: I've seen pics of black and white, and red and white
(12:40:11 AM) Tam: You pick
(12:40:57 AM) Tam: The clowns know that if they make like pretending to steer wrestle him (despite lack of handles) that he'll make funny
(12:41:10 AM) Tam: He fights a bit, adn then he collapses and kicks and 'dies'
(12:41:17 AM) Den1: Black and white critter.
(12:41:20 AM) Tam: XD
(12:41:39 AM) Den1: lol goofy Woolly
(12:41:43 AM) Tam: LOL
(12:41:51 AM) Den1: Cat taught him that?
(12:42:04 AM) Tam: Yup. Only I think she taught him to die if she shoved him over or tipped him
(12:42:08 AM) Den1: lol
(12:42:22 AM) Tam: Scared the heck out of some high school kids one year?
(12:42:24 AM) Den1: *nod*
(12:42:27 AM) Tam: XD
(12:42:33 AM) Den1: lol and she sat there and cackled.
(12:42:37 AM) Tam: Write about her horses and about Woolly's tricks?
(12:42:40 AM) Tam: Yup! XD

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-8G1EKGyqy_k/TfFew2seWnI/AAAAAAAACUE/q83KCn6f1ek/s1600/Belted+Galloway+Bull.jpg <-Wully