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PB will go here if he ever picks a human alt mode...

Octane is a former Decepticon who was sold to slavers in exchange for energon by Megatron. There is no love lost, and Octane got even in his own way.

He was bought by Fer Lone, a man of a bipedal, four limbed, humanoid, insectoid race that in appearance is not dissimilar to some styles of Cybertronians. Fer Lone, whose name means 'lone brother' bought the Cybertronian because he had been born alone; the only male child of his family. In a culture where one's brothers are considered part of one's identity and self this was unacceptable, so Octane was immediately adopted as his brother. He brought Octane home and settled him down where his daughters could see the mech. One immediately indicated that she liked Octane, and so Octane got his first wife, and called her Sweetheart. A few days later Fere Lone brought his new brother visiting at the homes of all his friends, and Octane, not knowing that this was a wedding trip, reacted to the songs of two daughters of two of those friends. When he got home it was to discover those girls waiting for him. He named them Golda and Ruby.

Later, on his way to the core of Cybertron, Optimus Prime stopped at the planet, and Octane gave him information on Megatron.

---------------------Octane's family---------------------

*Sweetheart: Teal with big blue eyes. Round, pretty, chatty, caring, and friendly. Wears some jewels and pretties glued to her shell. She's Fer Lone's daughter.
*Golda: Golden with iridescent eyes. Small, slender, shy, and quiet
*Ruby: Red with purple eyes and graceful golden wings like a cape down her back. Tall, strong, assertive, and decisive. Will put on her veil and sit by Octane as he gives audiences. Has also been known to wear leather pants and top.
*Fatima: Octane's human wife. Wears a tatted mask to hide her face, and is just learning that women are people too.
*Fer Lone: Octane's adopted brother.
*Jewel: Fer Lone's fertile wife.
*Sparkle: Fer Lone's winged wife. Dark teal with silver trim and wings.
*Fer Lone's other wives.

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