Microbots Dossier ([personal profile] microbots_dossier) wrote2012-02-25 07:02 pm

Skywarp/Sky Robertson

PB = Daniela Dimitrovska

husband= Sunstreaker/Samuel Robertson

Eight kids:
Sundog/Sean Robertson
Firebreak Robertson
Ember Robertson
Hotspot Robertson
Chris Robertson
Willa Robertson
Daniela Robertson
Stormtag Robertson

-Firebreak, Ember, and Hotspot are triplets. Ember and Hotspot are identical twins.
-Chris started life in a ko-dan meat pen. He's quiet, independent, laid back, and given to camping out in dark closets or going on long exploring trips with his cousins Buzzer and Hopper.
-Willa and Daniela are Locusts. Willa loves to be with Sean, and Daniela is proud to be included in her mom's activities.
-Stormtag is an orphan baby flyer from the ruins of Ansuz, who had been intended for the storm watching force. He never lets go of his daddy, if he can help it.

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